Rates include third-party liability and property damage. A police report is mandatory in any Accidents or Damages.  Renter is responsible for the Insurance Excess of AED 1000/- when the Accident / Damage is of Renters fault. Any Accidents or Damages caused with out a third party will also be considered as renters fault. Insurance Excess is not applicable if the renter had purchased CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) 

Additional Information:

Exclusions from CDW, damage to wheels, tyres, windscreen, underside of vehicle, roof of vehicle and damage to interior.

In case of Hit & Run accident even when hirer is not at fault, 50% of excess amount will be charged.

Police report is mandatory for all accidents and breakdowns.

No off-road insurance is provided as off-roading is not allowed.

Full repair charges will be charged to client in the absence of police report.

Customer will be charged “Loss of Rental” charges in the case of vehicle being impounded by Government Authorities/Police for any reason.