Insurance - Lease

Lessor shall provide vehicles which are comprehensively insured for the geographical area of UAE including any third party liability in respect of death and bodily injury. An insurance excess of AED 750 is to be paid to Lessor by Lessee in case of any accidents/damages (Applicable when Lessee at fault).

The insurance excess will not be charged in case lessees driver not at fault and there is a third party involved and the amount can be recovered from the third party insurance company. If the Leased Vehicle has been damaged by an unknown third party، Lessee will have to pay the excess amount. 

(Subject to the submission of Final police report + documents) 

 Driver abuse and non Fair Wear and Tear are not covered by the insurance and no coverage is provided for loss of personal belongings in the Leased Vehicle 

To extend Geographical insurance coverage to Oman a prior approval from Lessor need to be obtained by Lessee.