Autorent Car Rental LLC - Booking Engine Terms and Conditions

UAE Terms & Conditions -

  1. Payment Methods:
    1. POA ( Payment On Arrival )
    2. Online Payment                              
  2. 24-hour lead time to confirm a booking
  3. Make and model will be subject to availability
  4. Unlimited mileage for daily/weekly rentals – 4500kms for monthly rentals.

Driver Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Age requirement is 21 years old. Prior approval will be taken from the insurance company for drivers below 25 years old.
  2. Mandatory requirements:
    1. Passport copy
    2. Credit Card copy – We accept Master, Visa, and AMEX
    3. Visa / Visa Stamp copy (visa stamp copy can be sent later once available)
    4. Driving License copy - All national licenses must be valid and held for a minimum period of one year. International license will be required for nationalities not listed below:

GCC Countries


Saudi Arabia




European countries





















American States



East Asia

South Korea

New Zealand

Hong Kong




African States

South Africa

Visitors from South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are requested to have a translation of their license approved by the Council or Embassy. GCC National licenses are acceptable if drivers are holding a GCC passport. GCC countries are as follows: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. Expatriates holding a GCC license are acceptable provided that the driver has a valid residence visa from the GCC country that issued the license.

*Copies of the required documents MUST be sent at least 24 hours prior or earlier for validation.

Delivery/Collection Procedure:

  1. Airport Pick Up Location (Outside of the arrival area), Airport Drop Off Location (Departure area gate/entrance):
    1. Maximum of 1 hour grace period (customer is unreachable on the phone) for delayed flights will be allowed. The car will be pulled back and delivery fee (AED 25) will be levied.
    2. Maximum of 1 hour grace period for delayed collection will be allowed. Collection fee (AED 25) will be levied after the grace period.
    3. Airport delivery/collection will be between 0800hrs until 2100hrs only.
  2. Non-Airport Delivery/Collection is available as well.
  3. Office Hours will be from 0800hrs – 2100hrs only (Fridays: 0800hrs – 1800hrs)
  4. AED 1500 Pre-Authorization. The vehicle will not be given without  the following:
    1. Credit card imprint with signature
    2. Pre-Authorization

Additional Equipment and Charges:

  1. Cross Border (UAE-Oman-UAE) - Orange Card and NOC rates will depend on the number of days. Orange Card charges are non-refundable.
  2. Additional driver on the rental agreement – AED 20/day, AED 70/weekly and AED 120/monthly
  3. SALIK Toll Gate Fees – AED 5 per crossing
  4. Same amount of fuel has to be returned, otherwise 15% refueling fee will be applicable.
  5. Traffic fines will have 10% service charge.
  6. Insurance excess liability is AED 1500 for any accident at the renter’s fault. Valid police report is required.


OMAN Terms & Condition's -

  1. Payment Methods:
    1. POA ( Payment On Arrival )
    2. Online Payment
  2. Mandatory requirements:
    1. Passport copy
    2. Driving License copy
    3. Credit Card copy – We accept Master and Visa

*Copies of the required documents MUST be sent at least 24 hours prior or earlier for validation.

  1. List of Banned Nationalities in Oman ( from Royal Oman Police list )
    1. BELARUS
    3. CROATIA
    5. ESTONIA
    6. HUNGARY
    7. LATVIA
    10. MOLDOVA
    11. ROMANIA
    12. SERBIA
    13. SLOVAKIA
    14. UKRAINE
    15. SLOVENIA          
  2. Customers International (Current Address) is required
  3. Standard insurance clause will be RO 100 for sedans and RO 150 for SUVs as insurance excess.
  4. Mileage Limit:
    1. 250kms/day
    2. 1400kms weekly
    3. 2000kms two weeks
    4. 4000kms/month
    5. Excess km fee is RO .075/km
  5. Off Road Insurance will be RO .300
  6. For Muscat Airport Counter Pickup and Drop Fee, RO 3 is applicable for every rental. However, if the car was picked up from a different location, and returned at Muscat Airport, RO 10 will be charged as parking fee. Same charge will apply if a vehicle is returned in a different location. If vehicle is going to be returned in a different city, ROR 60 will apply.
  7. RO 10 applicable for any delivery/collection each way within 50kms city radius. (Muscat/Salalah)
  8. Minimum age of the driver is 24
  9. Child Seat: RO 2 per day, maximum is RO 12
  10. GPS Charges: RO 3 per day, maximum is RO 25

*Child Seat and GPS are subject to availability

  1. Additional Driver: RO 3 per person. Maximum of 2 drivers per car.
  2. Fuel Policy: Same amount of fuel has to be given before off hiring the vehicle, Otherwise additional 10% refueling charges will be levied.
  3. Vehicle has to be returned clean and neat like how it was given, otherwise cleaning fees will be levied including the service charge.
  4. 48 hour lead time to confirm a booking. Normal holidays (Fri-Sat) and National holidays will not be counted.


Contact Details:

Contact Center:                +971 600549993 (0800hrs – 1800hrs from Sundays until Thursdays only)

Operations Dept.:            +971 4 3207715 (0800hrs – 2200hrs daily, except for Fridays which is until 1800hrs only)

Coordinator:                     +971 506347989

Email:                                 [email protected]